I've always had a natural talent for story telling, and a ripe ability of stringing together particular shots to help create my desired project. It was no surprise that at a young age I developed a love for videography and film making.

My eyes have been opened to a number of picturesque and beautiful landscapes throughout my travels, as well as the beautiful cultures that I have experienced along the way. I believe that stories are best told through the perspective of the

individual, and that is why I aim to portray each and every project through both my own, and natural filmmaking techniques.

I am completely self taught, which means I was never limited to any boundaries and was always able to express my art in my own style. I bought myself a DSLR when I was 15 years old and took it across the world.

In my final year of school I was required to complete a major art work in the style of time based form. My film - titled DAYDREAM - was noticed by 'Art Express’ in 2014, and was presented at a number of art galleries around Australia.

Today, as a videographer, I am able to say that I have worked with a variety of diverse film making professionals, never limiting myself to a specific genre.

I produce regular social media video content for a number of business’, many of which are based in Sydney.

Ultimately, my passion lays in Wedding Films. Theres something about producing beautiful content for a newly wed couple, seeing the amount of joy and appreciation it brings, knowing that they will forever be able to relive their most important day.

I was part of the media team which covered the 'Secret Garden Music Festival', the 'Yours And Owls Music Festival', as well as the 'Mountain Sounds Music Festival' - where I partnered with the team at Redbull.

If you have a vision or planned event, I'd love to be the one to powerfully portray that story through my Film making techniques.

For all enquires, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!